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Connecting You to Your Supplier Partners

At CSX, we understand the needs of oil refineries. We work closely with refineries throughout the country to connect them with the Bakken Shale formation and other major production areas. Optionality of crude supply is critical in today’s constantly changing refining markets, and many suppliers have turned to rail transport because of its superior transit times, capacity, and flexibility.

Even if you’re not currently able to receive rail shipments, CSX has options to serve you, including Rail-to-Pipe transport. CSX can also coordinate with transloading service providers, such as TRANSFLO, Inc. We can also assist you with all aspects of site development should you wish to build new rail infrastructure.

Numerous Origination Options

CSX provides multiple sourcing options, each of which deliver efficient service. CSX’s partnership with the western railroads offers access to all the major crude oil originations. We interchange with our partners at Chicago, St. Louis, Memphis and New Orleans to bring crude oil to the East.

Refinery Direct Access

Building direct access to your refinery can take as few as four months. Through our refinery direct solution, cost-per-barrel to transport is minimized due to fewer product handling and terminal costs. Our specialists will guide you through track design and service plan options.

Seamless Logistics Management

CSX will help manage your supply chain with dedicated scheduling. Plus, you can plan, ship, trace and pay for your oil shipments directly through our ShipCSX tool. We are committed to providing reliable service because we understand that our service contributes to your business success.

Proactive Community Engagement

Our state government affairs team can help engage the local community to develop a solution that best serves the needs of everyone involved.

Commitment to Safety

At CSX, safety is a way of life. CSX is a leader in one of the nation's safest industries.

  • CSX provides emergency planning assistance and training to local fire, police and emergency response personnel in the communities we serve.
  • Advanced technology employed on our routes proactively detects equipment defects on en-route trains.
  • CSX complies with all federal safety standards and exceeds many of the rail industry's voluntary practices. These standards relate to the securing of trains, job briefings and equipment inspections, among others.

Learn about our safety practices for transporting crude oil.

Interested in learning more? See the refineries we currently serve and contact us to find out why we are the best choice for connecting you with crude oil suppliers.

Is it safe to move crude oil by rail?