Safety Is a Way of Life

CSX maintains a steadfast commitment to the safety and security of our network, our customers and their freight, and the communities in which we operate. CSX is a leader in one of the nation’s safest industries. When transporting crude oil, CSX goes above and beyond federal regulations to protect our employees, our customers and our communities.

The rail industry delivers 99.9977 percent of all shipments without incident. CSX’s employees are committed to constantly working with customers to achieve the company goal of zero accidents or injuries.

CSX provides specialized safety training for customers and shortline partners, and emergency planning assistance and training to local fire, police and emergency response personnel. CSX’s Railroad Education & Development Institute (REDI) provides a comprehensive curriculum, plus certifications in specific skills related to safe handling of flammable and hazardous materials.

CSX conducts major rail yard inspections, called Hazmat Confident Campaigns, each year. We also conduct detailed inspections of customer railcars on our network for compliance with federal regulations.

Upon request, we provide detailed reports to first responders about the types and volume of hazardous materials carried on the CSX network as part of our partnership with Homeland Security officials.

CSX is the only freight railroad to have its police department and its emergency notification and communications center accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA).

First Responder Training

CSX provides classroom and hands-on training to first responders in the communities in which we operate. In 2012, CSX trained more than 4,000 emergency first responders through in-person sessions featuring table-top drills, crisis management exercises and other coursework. Over the last 6 years, CSX has trained more than 100,000 first responders.

Based on these efforts, TRANSCAER, the voluntary national outreach effort to assist communities in preparing for and responding to possible hazardous materials incidents, awarded CSX the 2012 TRANSCAER National Achievement Award.

Regulations and Policies

The transportation of hazardous materials by rail is regulated by federal law, the U.S. Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT), and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). CSX complies with all federal regulations related to the safe handling and transportation of hazardous materials and assumes the common carrier obligation to provide transportation to any shipper who tenders freight in containers or rail cars that meet federal specifications.

See federal regulations and CSX policies for shipping hazardous materials by rail.

Chemical Safety Excellence Award

CSX’s annual Chemical Safety Excellence Award celebrates our customers' commitment to safe hazardous material rail car loading and maintenance. Recipients understand and demonstrate the best practices of chemical safety and strong industry leadership among their peers.

Award winners include companies from the chemicals, fertilizer, agriculture, waste and metals industries.

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