Curious to know more? These Frequently Asked Questions cover key topics to help you get started with shipping crude oil by rail or receiving crude oil from a railroad transport solution. Browse them all or use the filter function to drill down to the information specific to you.

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How does the shipping process work?

Our electronic tools help you plan, ship, trace and pay for your shipments quickly and accurately. It’s a simple, four-step process:

Step 1: Plan. Look up prices and schedule train orders.
Step 2: Ship. Get your shipment moving with shipping instructions and submit requests for cars to be picked up or delivered to your facility.
Step 3: Trace. Monitor your shipments, view historical transit times, and subscribe to exception notifications.
Step 4: Pay. Review and pay your invoices.

Does CSX supply the tank cars?

Do you move other petroleum-related commodities?

Is it safe to move crude oil by rail?

How long does it take for the crude oil to reach my destination?

How much oil can one train transport?

How much does it cost?