A Better Way To Move Your Crude Oil

Only with CSX can you reach the most crude oil destinations on the East Coast. Rail offers the greatest operational flexibility, and our relationships with terminals and refineries open a broad network to help you reach critical oil markets.

The ample resources, expert solutions and seamless service provided by CSX make it possible to consistently provide our customers with:

  1. Flexibility to adjust to changes in the marketplace.
  2. Timely service with more efficient cycling of assets.
  3. Priority access into key markets.
  4. Enhanced capacity to support growth.
  5. Protected oil purity from origin to destination.
  6. A significant commitment to safety.

Greater Flexibility

CSX connects to the most crude oil destinations on the East Coast. Our solutions allow you to quickly adapt to changes in the marketplace, moving product throughout the country as price and market needs dictate.

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Also, CSX provides you with extensive assistance in introducing rail into your supply chain. Our Pipeline-to-Rail solutions can integrate with your existing pipeline transport methods. If you’re interested in developing a rail-served site or adding rail infrastructure to your existing location, our Site Development experts will support you each step of the way.

Better Transit Times

Moving crude oil by rail is the fastest way to get your product to market. Compared with traditional pipeline methods, CSX’s network can deliver crude oil to your destination weeks earlier.

Better transit time means quicker asset cycling and therefore lower equipment cost, giving you flexibility to ship more oil.

Priority Routes

With dedicated routes from the Midwest shale deposits to major centers in the Northeast, CSX gives crude oil trains priority service. That means fewer stops between when your product leaves the well and when it enters the market.

Interested in shipping crude to the Philadelphia area? Our route between Chicago and Albany has minimal grade and is all double track, allowing CSX to move your crude oil trains from Chicago to the Philadelphia area in fewer than 48 hours.

Considerable Capacity

Our network is ready to support the growth of crude oil today and is capable of handling the largest capacity tank cars (286,000 lbs. gross weight on rail), maximizing your barrels loaded per car. A typical freight train carries the load of approximately 280 trucks. In terms of crude oil, CSX has the ability to handle more than 5 crude oil trains per day into the Philadelphia market alone, with typically 100 to 120 cars per train and 700 barrels of crude oil in a tank car.

CSX is also investing in a major track capacity expansion on our premier River Line route to support even more efficient transit of crude into northeast refineries.

Across our network, CSX invests more than $2 billion annually to maintain and improve our infrastructure and capacity.

Preserved Oil Purity

Shipping crude oil by rail maintains the integrity of the oil from the origin to the destination. Rail provides the ability to transport a pure barrel, and even heavy crude oils can be shipped with virtually no diluent. You can feel secure knowing your crude oil has maintained its purity from the source and hasn’t been mixed with other substances or crude oil from other origins.

Advanced Safety

At CSX, safety is a way of life. We invest significant time and resources to increase the safety of our employees, our customers, and the communities in which we operate.

  • CSX provides emergency planning assistance and training to local fire, police and emergency response personnel in the communities we serve.
  • Advanced technology employed on our routes detects equipment defects on en-route trains.
  • CSX complies with all federal safety standards and exceeds many of the rail industry's voluntary practices. These standards relate to the securing of trains, job briefings and equipment inspections, among other factors.
  • We provide customized training to crude oil shippers and receivers about the safe loading and unloading of tank cars.

Learn more about our commitment to safety.

We look forward to assisting with your crude oil transportation needs.

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